Tour de Taaryn

I try to blog around once a month ish but seeing as though the last one was in JANUARY, I'm somewhat taking the piss. 

As you can imagine, it's been a busy few months. After realising I was trying to aim my portfolio at everyone, I've narrowed down my markets, written down my goals and using my spare time to make work in line with this. If I could make my absolute basic living costs from solely drawing food and drink and animals, I think I'd be pretty bloody happy! 

At the start of the year, I signed up to Hire An Illustrator and you can view my page here. It's a slow work in progress getting somewhere with it, but so far I've been really impressed in Darren and Jane's effort in promotion, they really do go above and beyond!

I've been enjoying working on my illustration style lately. I think I may have mentioned in a previous blog that I've been consciously trying to add handmade elements into my work. I genuinely can't get across how FUN it is to play around with charcoal and ink! I think the next step would be to draw and paint everything by hand but I'm not sure I'm ready to leave behind the graphic vector elements just yet!

In March, I was contacted by Alex Dulox to contribute an article on productivity to his blog, The Human in the Machine. It was a bit strange, at the time I was thinking I'd like to push writing a bit more and then a week later, Alex got in touch out of the blue! You can read my article entitled How to Get Shit Done here and hopefully you pick up some good tips! I wrote it during my lunch hour at work on a particularly bad day, I think you can feel the rage I was going through...

Also in March, I was asked to illustrate the front cover of the Bradford Review for the April issue on the theme of the Tour de Yorkshire. This was a mega challenge for me and I very nearly turned it down because I'm terrible at drawing people and even more terrible at drawing people on bikes! I genuinely nearly had a meltdown when sketching out ideas! I think it turned out alright in the end though, right?! They were also very kind and did an interview with me to go in the magazine. It's up online here for you to have a nosy at (you have no idea how many photos I had to take to try and get a semi decent one...).

There's a few exciting things coming up, I'm currently working with my pal Sally and her friend Lauren on some stuff for an amazing social enterprise they're starting. And there's something potentially big and exciting in the pipeline, which if it goes ahead it will be pretty ace!

I currently have some availability in the upcoming weeks so if you fancy adding some bold, graphic illustrations to your brand or magazine, get in touch at hello (at) taaryn (dot) com!