A Long Overdue Update

I say this every single time, but it really has been a super long time since I last wrote an entry. I have a genuine excuse though this time, I moved house recently and I've only just got the internet in my place! As usual, a crazy amount of stuff has happened in the past few months.

Ink & Water

In June, I spent some time freelancing with the nice dudes at Ink & Water who are a small design studio in Sheffield. Also, they have an ace coffee shop in West One Plaza so check that out if you're ever over that way. I mostly did some InDesign work but also got the chance to do a couple of illustration based things as well which is always an added bonus. I've always wanted to do an icon set and then I was able to create one for the Engineering Department at the University of Sheffield.

I also drew these illustrations for an animation to explain how to use a HIV testing kit. I'm just going to put it out there that I never want to draw hands ever again, I found it so difficult! My desk was littered with pages and pages of hand sketches ha!

Goodbye Sheffield, Hello Leeds

I'm not sure how, but I managed to bag a design job at a digital agency in Leeds. So sadly, I left Sheffield after spending nearly a decade there and returned to West Yorkshire. But I get to do a fair bit of illustration in my day job which is pretty neat. I've never been too confident with a pencil in my hand, but having to do it at work, I've really improved so I'm making it my mission to use my sketchbook and actually put it in my bag when I go out. My work let me loose on their blog, so naturally I wrote about how great illustration is and how demand for it is increasing, you can read it here. It's been my absolute dream project to do a mural and my first project at work was to design TWO. First one's up already, second one is in progress. (Note to self: upgrade my bloody phone camera).

Interview: Introtuesday

One of my favourite illustrators, Wijtze Valkema, got in touch to ask me a few questions for his blog which features new artists and you can read that here. I tried to make myself sound a bit professional but to be honest, most of my work is done stretched out on the sofa in my pyjamas. Comfort first!


As a lot of things have changed and I'm settling into a new routine (I am a creature of habit, major changes freak me out!), I've been fairly quiet. I'm currently working on a commission and my partner and I are planning a super awesome top secret project together, but apart from that, I've been taking time to refine my work/experiment with new techniques/draw inspiration from other places. At the moment, I'm really enjoying playing around with making textures and vector brushes. I'm looking to get my hands on some blow pens to make some ace scatter brushes (I love living round the corner from a Hobbycraft store, so convenient!). As much as I love flat vectors, I'm wanting to develop my work further and level up by making use of more patterns and textures. 

I think that's everything that's happened in the past couple of months. Oh, my ridiculously long "Things I'd Like To Do One Day" list just got bigger with the addition of "teach a Skillshare class". It's been in the back of my mind lately, I'm thinking of something to do with vector textures. 

P.S. The astute among you may have noticed all my social media handles are now taaryn_b. A new domain and email address to follow soon but more on this another time.