Pattern Making

I've been terribly quiet lately, I've barely had time to work on anything of my own because I've been so busy with some exciting things (more on this another time)!

The last thing I was obsessed with was pattern making! I ignored custom patterns for so long because I once tried to create a seamless diagonal pattern and no matter what I did, it just would not work, so I ended up shelving the idea out of sheer frustration. As it turns out, regular pattern making is easy peasy and highly addictive. I'm pretty keen on quirky fabrics but they can be quite costly to buy. I'm thinking of exploring printing my own illustrated fabric to run through my poor neglected sewing machine or maybe selling it either by the metre or in fat quarter bundles for craft projects.

I've spent the last couple of weeks freelancing at Ink & Water, a design studio and coffee shop in Sheffield. If you're local, do pay a visit, they have some seriously tempting baked goods!