Inspiration & Motivation

I'm really intrigued as to what motivates other designers. The inspiration for this post came from one of my favourite podcasts, The Creative Pep Talk by illustrator Andy J Miller (which you can find here.) I've been in a really good place lately, lots of ideas and just generally feeling pepped up. Stuff’s happening, I'm enjoying doing some personal projects whenever I can and I've got my head down after figuring out what I want to be doing. The last couple of months were filled with some serious self doubt so to discover this podcast was a real help. If you like Boyz 2 Men and amusing sports metaphors, I really recommend checking it out. Whether you’re a student and just starting out, or a few years in and you feel like you’re losing direction, Andy has some great advice for all. And you know what, it’s working already!

I also recently discovered Red Lemon Club, a very helpful blog where Alex Mathers shares his experiences of being a freelance illustrator. It's imperative in the freelance creative world to be 50% business and 50% art and Alex is very knowledgeable on the subject. Plus when you sign up to the newsletter, you get a free eBook about landing quality clients. Bonus!

A survey about the kind of music you listen to while designing came up on my Twitter feed a while ago (can’t remember where it originated from, sorry!) and so many people said they listen to classical music/soundtracks/generally music without lyrics as words were distracting. I’m the complete opposite, I often find lyrics give me an idea for something else. I gave it a go though, I went through Spotify to find instrumentals. Somebody mentioned that the soundtrack to Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind (again, I can’t remember who, sorry!) really helps them concentrate on doing their best work. I love Jon Brion, his compositions are always so dreamy and wistful and I found it quite relaxing. Maybe too relaxing for working. I did find a playlist called “epic classical” on Spotify containing loads of dramatic and energetic classical pieces. That was ace, really riled me up. I pretty much had one hand on the mouse and one hand in the air conducting away. Man I wish I was a composer.  I'd really love to know your tips for keeping motivated!

A quick round up of work:

For those not local to Sheffield, this is Abbeydale Road, a wonderfully independent area of town. I love living here, there's so many great places to eat and shop right on my doorstep. So I thought I'd illustrate a map of all my favourite places. I enjoyed creating this, I think I'd like to do some more maps.

I've been involved with Girl Gang Sheffield who, after their immensely popular Mean Girls film night, will be putting on another night to show The Craft. They've got lots of designers and illustrators on board to design a tarot card which will be sold as posters on the night. Can't wait to see mine up with everyone else's!

Also started a little under the sea alphabet project, something to pick up when I've got spare time. I've been posting these over on my instagram page so do feel free to have a nosey at my other little doodles!