Solar Eclipse and Sunflowers

Happy Easter! I don't have much of a sweet tooth lately, it's taken me all weekend to eat one Easter egg. Also, I seem to have missed Ben Hur being on tv wah! Anyways, on to a quick round up of things that have been happening round here.

There was the solar eclipse a couple of weeks ago. I think I was around 10 the last time. I remember having to write a story at school (complete with a mixed media illustration!) and I was dead pleased that it was picked to be read out in assembly. This time around, the best place to see it in the office was from my desk. I heard that one of the best places to see it was Svalbard. I'd absolutely love to visit there and travel round Norway!

Speaking of the office, on the other side of it you can see a great view of the Arts Tower. Visually, I really like this building. It's just so striking and minimalistic way, something I strive for in my own work.

Here are some more quick illustrations that were done when I had a bit of down time.

Currently working on some exciting things including some book covers, a logo for the band Seven Tors and some illustration prints. Watch this space!